Here is a short description of some items I have:

* We have cute garden decor, things that blow in the wind, we have things that make noise.

* We have things for boys, things for girls, and also a few toys.

* We have things for the home, bright things, soft things, and things that shine!

* We have beach décor, vine décor, and things that tell time!

Please come in and visit our space,

I promise to say Hi, and maybe have something for you to taste!

Yummy Foods

A little of this, and a little of that, we have a variety of good eats to choose from. And every now and then there will be some tasting going on!! Come and visit often and I am sure you will enjoy a variety of good foods!

Garden Decor

Fun, silly, cute and pretty, Hang a flag in your yard, or a butterfy on a pot! Enjoy a whole family of frogs in a flower bed! Come pick something out I am sure you will love it!

Home Decor

We have great things for your home, and for gifts. There are some bears waiting to join you at the lake, and there are some starfish and seahorses that want to go to the beach with you! We also carry Life is Good clothing!

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